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Welcome to ​Orient Glass

About us

Orient Glass has been in the construction supply industry for the last 2 decades. With a long list of reputed clientele in the private and government sector, we take pride in delivering quality, reliability and customer satisfaction.

Orient Glass imports and distributes glass brands from number of key markets such as India, China, Indonesia.

With the capacity for Island-wide delivery, Orient Glass has quickly positioned itself to become the leading one-stop shop for all glass-related needs.

Our corporate vision is to become a leading international distributor of all glass products by employing advanced technology, innovative techniques and motivated partnerships. Additionally, we aim to create value for stakeholders and customers by achieving a rapid and sustained growth.

Orient glass has remained a leader in the field by forging relationships with our affiliates, expanding our network to bring customers a range of construction supplies such as steel, cement and ceramic wares, etc.

Whether private or industrial, Orient Glass will be able to find the right product to suit your needs.

Our Partners

  • HNG- India

  • United float glass– Saudi Arabia

  • Emirate- Dubai

  • Guardian Glass- Dubai, India

  • Mulia Glass- Indonesia

  • Rider Glass- China

  • Xinyi Glass- China



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‎076 6619990


Please feel free to call and contact any of our customer agents to inquire about prices, specification or any other general inquiries.